A 1960’s Family Tradition Pancakes For Dinner Is Back


Growing up in a family of 5 kids my Mother would announce occasionally, that we were having  pancakes for dinner.  I remember happily being thrilled about that dinner, as a kid Pancakes always were loved as something special.   With the Holidays rapidly approaching most house holds see their grocery budgets rise.  The colder temperatures, damp filled nights mixed with rain, and the anticipation of the Holidays in Mid November,  sets the Family Tradition of  having pancakes for dinner.  Pancakes for Dinner is a quick time-saving,  pantry basic, that has a big cost savings effect on the 2009 family budget!  From teens to toddlers, everyone gets excited when they have a fun-filled Pancake Dinner.  At KidsRecipes we did it with Net Etiquette by sending the kids an invitation using the new Bisquick fun and games page.

A special touch is serving real butter and real Maple Syrup the difference in goodness versus calories is part of a southern tradition. At kidsrecipes our house is filled with infants, toddlers, and a never-ending eating teen.  Pancakes got a roaring respond of Yea! The small kids loved the finished pancakes with their names on their plate.   With a four year old learning Alphabets everyday in pre-school the family had one of most fun dinners.  The best part is, the meal is a cost cutting saver.

Pizza Kids Love It

Pizza TShirt

Kids love Pizza and so do adults!  As a Parent midweek can be a bit of a challenge or perhaps another word could be stress full.  Then why not order a Pizza for dinner tonight.  Not only do kids love pizza, it is a fun way to teach kids about different types of toppings to pick from.  You can ask who want Sausage, Peperoni, pineapple, anchovies, spinach, and then play the game of them naming more.  When the pizza arrives, you can make it a big family project to open the box and count how many slices there are.

Kids Recipes loves this Pizza Toddler T-Shirt for $12.00 from Ivy Studio.

How to make an inchworm cake


1 box Betty Crocker® SuperMoist® cake mix (any flavor)
  Water, vegetable oil and eggs called for on cake mix box
8 drops green food color
1 1/2 containers Betty Crocker® Rich & Creamy vanilla frosting
  Tray or cardboard, 19×14 inches, covered with foil
5 candy-coated chocolate candies
2 vanilla wafer cookies
2 small pretzel sticks
24 gumdrops

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1. Heat oven to 350°F (325°F for dark or nonstick pan). Bake and cool cake as directed on box for 12-cup fluted tube cake pan.
2. Cut cake as shown in diagram A. Freeze pieces uncovered 1 hour for easier frosting. Stir food color into frosting. Arrange cake pieces on tray to form inchworm as shown in diagram B. Frost cake, attaching pieces with frosting.
3. Attach 1 chocolate candy to each vanilla wafer with frosting; attach to end of cake for eyes. Press 3 candies into frosting for mouth. Gently push 1 pretzel stick into flat end of gumdrop; repeat. Insert pretzels stick into cake for antennae. Arrange remaining gumdrops along edge for feet. Store loosely covered